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AOT Energy trades in energy commodities around the world.

Our business is conducted from offices in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America, where our specialized personnel handle all trading aspects from origination, transport, storage, and blending to risk management, finance, and marketing.

AOT Energy’s business culture is based on a strict code of ethics and high degree of responsibility. We believe in equitable partnerships and have developed numerous long-standing relationships within the energy industry.

With our strong values and our exemplary track record, we are the partner of choice for large refiners, retailers, petrochemical manufacturers, and government organizations.

In support of our trading activities, we hold long-term storage, shipping, and logistics infrastructure that has allowed us to gain and maintain market share in strategic trading hubs.

The Group Management of AOT ENERGY operates from headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.

Since 2016 AOT Energy is delivering natural gas to Ukraine from three major directions and in 2017 opened office in Kiev, Ukraine to further strengthen presence in the country.